Painting & Drywall is our business – small, large, interior, exterior, industrial, and commercial, we do it all.
Featuring unmatched expertise and a level of customer service that never fails to impress our clients, we’ve grown from a small business to one of Ware County’s most well-known names.

Commercial and Light Industrial Projects

WARE PAINT & DRYWALL INC. specializes in commercial and light industrial projects. These include projects such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, county or city jails, federal prisons, build-outs, renovations/remodels, and courthouses.

Please remember that WARE PAINT & DRYWALL INC. are obviously not limited to these commercial projects but are more in the examples.

In addition to this WARE PAINT & DRYWALL INC. has assisted Architects, Contractors, and Owners with things such as budgeting, design and build, specifications, QC, and value engineering.

Conveniently located in Waycross Georgia, WARE PAINT & DRYWALL INC. can and has worked in various parts of Georgia

WARE PAINT & DRYWALL INC. is a member of the Painting & Decorating Contractors of America and also a member of the Walls & Ceilings Association.


Below are just a few examples of our services



Although it should be a given, many painting and drywall companies fall short when it comes to professionalism. We know that each and every interaction you have with contractors matters and at the absolute minimum, full and complete professionalism is a necessity. From the first phone call to shaking your hand when we leave, all of our employees will always give you the professionalism you deserve.


Being professional means nothing if we don’t have the skills and expertise to back it up. Fortunately, we do and our team has an impressive combined history of jobs completed. In addition, the core members of WARE PAINT & DRYWALL INC. are continually improving their talents by studying new developments in the industry and applying innovative concepts to their work and procedures.



Some might think that we provide nothing more than manual labor, but we beg to differ. Providing proper services takes something more than professionalism and expertise – it takes care. Every day, we enter businesses of our clients, to deliver the right level of care. During the time we carry out the work we keep everything as clean as possible. Therefore when we are finished the project is not only perfect but left in clean and cared for state, as you would expect.

When you’re ready to experience a South East Georgia paint and drywall company that displays the right combination of professionalism, expertise, and care, then you know where to find us. Feel free to contact us through phone or email and we’ll work hard to show you that we appreciate your business.

a leader within our industry


405 Albany Avenue, Waycross, GA 31501

t: 912.285.3168

Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed Saturday

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