Painting & Drywall is our business – small, large, interior, exterior, industrial, and commercial, we do it all.
In 1970 we were known as Ware Painting Contractors. Primarily offering painting and paintwork, however, over 50 years later things have changed a little.


The earlier years


THE 1970s

WARE PAINT & DRYWALL INC. was founded by Wayne Spradley. Wayne started his own paint business in 1970 which was called Ware Painting Contractors. The name Ware comes from Ware County, in which the company resides. Wayne started out doing primarily paintwork, but due to the increase in construction in the area; Wayne extended his line of work to include drywall installation and finishing.

THE 1980s

During the early 1980s, Wayne added metal stud framing, acoustical ceilings, and EIFS (Exterior Insulation & Finish System) to the company’s scope of work. In 1997, Wayne changed the name of the company to WARE PAINT & DRYWALL INC.


Today, due to Wayne’s effort to build a reputable company, much of our work is repeat business. A great deal of our current work is done with general contractors that Wayne has been working with for over twenty years.

The company bids a work package that includes painting & caulking, drywall, metal stud framing, suspended acoustical ceilings, and EIFS at a lump sum price. Most general contractors like the package deal that Wayne has put together due to the project management savings from not having to deal with several independent companies.

WARE PAINT & DRYWALL INC. only does commercial and light industrial projects. Some of the commercial projects that the company specializes in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, county/city jails, federal prisons, build-outs, renovations/remodels, and courthouses, but has done many other types of commercial projects as well. WARE PAINT & DRYWALL INC. has assisted Architects, Contractors, and Owners with things such as budgeting, design/build, specifications, QC, and value engineering. WARE PAINT & DRYWALL INC. works in various parts of Georgia from its hometown of Waycross, Georgia.

WARE PAINT & DRYWALL INC. is a member of the Painting & Decorating Contractors of America.

Ware Paint & Drywall, Inc. has an excellent safety record. Weekly attendance of company safety meetings is mandatory where such topics as OSHA rules and regulations, proper equipment and tool use, emergency procedures, etc. are covered. According to the company’s insurance agency, Ware Paint & Drywall, Inc. has one of the lowest experience modification factors in our industry.

WARE PAINT & DRYWALL INC. prides itself on being a competitive, quality-driven company that is continually growing. Although the company strives for growth, it still holds to the original concept of getting the work done in a timely manner and to the complete satisfaction of the Customer.

When you’re ready to experience a South East Georgia paint and drywall company that displays the right combination of professionalism, expertise, and care, then you know where to find us. Feel free to contact us through phone or email and we’ll work hard to show you that we appreciate your business.

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